Private health coaching

Ruchi Kumar is a certified health coach who received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. She is a certified by the American Council of Exercise as a behavioral change specialist and group fitness instructor, and is also a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. With her knowledge, she co-creates completely personalized action plans with her clients based on their goals to move them toward their ideal vision of health within their unique body, lifestyle, and preferences. She also teaches yoga and dance, so is skilled to incorporate both the mental and physical aspects of exercise into her practice with clients. Her positive psychology model of coaching operates on a strength-based model which identifies and uses client’s strengths to work on their weaknesses.

As a health coach, Ruchi will.

  • Complete a health history intake with clients to determine current health status and identify future goals
  • Work with diet, nutrition, and exercise to achieve overall lifestyle wellness
  • Work on fundamental behavior change for improved wellness
  • Meet with clients weekly or bi-weekly (based on need) for 50 minute sessions
  • Provide email support in between sessions as needed
  • Empower clients to make the needed behavioral changes to take charge of their health for improved wellness
Private contractor for schools and organizations

Private contractor for schools and organizations

Ruchi has worked both domestically and abroad with schools and organizations to cater to their individual needs.

She has:

  • Conducted professional development for teachers through individual and group consultation at various NYC Independent schools
  • Taught wellness and mental health workshops for Clubhouse International organizations of Fountain House and Venture House as well as the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington
  • Implemented a counseling and wellness program for students and adults at PEPY: Empowering Youth in Cambodia
  • Implemented and ran a mindfulness camp with Transylvania College in Romania.
  • Pending contract with Adaan Digital Solutions for leadership skills training and corporate wellness

After a private consultation to discuss a school’s or organization’s needs, Ruchi tailor makes a workshop or program to best serve that community in their area of interest. Rates are flexible and negotiable to be determined with consideration to job description and company budget for meeting requested goals.

Private Yoga and Dance Teacher

Ruchi gives private and group yoga lessons, working with both asana (poses) and pranayama (meditative breathing). She is certified by the Yoga Alliance. She uses primarily Vinyasa style yoga under the umbrella of Hatha yoga and also often incorporates body scan before Sivasana, the final yogic resting pose. She is also a trained classical Indian dancer, but provides teaching services in bhangra and belly-bolly dancing fusion. In her dance lessons, she provides individualized instruction that works on technique, but is still aimed at providing fitness and fun and can cater to both private and group lessons.

She is also a certified group fitness instructor by the American Council of Exercise (ACE).

She has taught at:

  • The YMCA in Bethesda, Maryland
  • The 14th street Y in NYC
  • The Ramaz School for both students and faculty
  • The first Mindfulness Camp in Romania, sponsored by Transylvania College
  • As a volunteer for the Rotary Metro Club in NYC.
Private tutoring

Private Educational Therapy and Executive Functioning Coaching

Ruchi Kumar is a learning specialist, private educational therapist and executive functioning coach who works with students both in general and special education. Ruchi she does work in all curricular areas, with a specialty in math and science.  She is also an executive functioning coach who helps specifically with organization and time management skills


Ruchi has worked over twelve years in the New York City independent school system as a middle and high school learning specialist.  She has previously been on faculty at Winston Preparatory School, the Hewitt School, York Preparatory School and Ramaz. At the Winston Preparatory School, she worked as a learning specialist within the Math and Sciences department, teaching math and science to both middle and high school students. At the Hewitt School, she established the upper school learning services department, working as their primary upper school learning specialist, and at York Preparatory School, she worked as a middle and upper school learning specialist in the school’s Jump Start program. Most recently, she worked as an upper school learning specialist at Ramaz.

Ruchi is a graduate of Cornell University and Teacher’s College Columbia University, where she received a second Master’s degree in Teaching Students with Disabilities. Overall, Ruchi uses the tenets of Positive Psychology to help her students use their strengths to work on their weaknesses. Ruchi specializes and enjoys working with adolescents and young adults and is skilled to work specifically with students with learning challenges or weaknesses as well as those without.

Private Health coaching

Private socio-emotional wellness coach

To coach, Ruchi uses the principles of mindfulness and positive psychology after an analysis of the client’s strengths and weaknesses and centers her coaching on using their strengths to help them improve upon their areas of weakness. She takes a solution-focused approach with the goal of scaffolding clients to use the practiced skills to live an empowered healthy life and be independent, though she remains available to support should they need it. She also uses a character strength analyses and DBT skills to manage anxiety and stress. After initial consultation, both client and coach decide whether there is a good fit for working together to achieve client goals. She is well versed in areas of social, emotional, and mental health obtaining her first Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and also completing a post-grad certificate in clinical practice at New York University. She was the coordinator of the first Mindfulness Camp in Romania, the summer of 2014, where she supervised the camp and served as a private coach for campers. She has also implemented a mental health counseling program at a non-profit organization in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the summer of 2019. She also served on the Montgomery County Public Schools’ Superintendent Socio-Emotional Committee during her year of service in the Americorps. Finally, she is a certified behavioral change specialist by the American Council of Exercise and a certified trauma specialist.

As a socio-emotional wellness coach, Ruchi will

  • Identify client goals
  • Do a character strength analyses
  • Identify areas of need in socio-emotional development
  • Work with clients anxiety and stress management, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Empower clients to develop an internal locus of control and modify behavior to achieve greater success in their lives
  • Meet with clients weekly for 50 minute sessions with in between online communication for support