I am delighted to list a course I am doing with GBRIonline.org on health and wellness. The webinar is taking place on Feb 6th at 12PM ET. You may watch the webinar for FREE or watch the on-demand video on this page within a week from the live date.

Course Title: You Are What You Eat

This FREE LEED/AIA CE course is ideal for professionals wanting to understand the basics of the WELL Building Standard, and take the guess work out of wellness.  This innovative course from a health coach will help you learn the basics of the WELL Building Standard, then bring those concepts into your own day to day lives by looking at what, when and how to eat.  Become familiar with effective weight loss techniques and what bioindividuality means in our daily lives.  Register today!


Course Objectives:

  • Understand what the WELL Building Standard is
  • Be able to define bioindividuality and understand how it relates to nutrition and diet
  • Define metabolism and identify the different types
  • Understand and identify the food-mood connection, including the breakfast experiment and food-mood journal
  • Identify what, when, and how to eat and how to calculate your BMI
  • Become familiar with the integrative nutrition 12 steps plan
  • Explore effective weight loss techniques
  • Understand food/nutrition as treatment for mental health issues
  • Understand what overall wellbeing entails and the circle of life
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