Private tutoring

Ruchi Kumar is a learning specialist, private educational therapist and executive functioning coach who works with students both in general and special education. Ruchi she does work in all curricular areas, with a specialty in math and science.  She is also an executive functioning coach who helps specifically with organization and time management skills


Ruchi has worked over twelve years in the New York City independent school system as a middle and high school learning specialist.  She has previously been on faculty at Winston Preparatory School, the Hewitt School, York Preparatory School and Ramaz. At the Winston Preparatory School, she worked as a learning specialist within the Math and Sciences department, teaching math and science to both middle and high school students. At the Hewitt School, she established the upper school learning services department, working as their primary upper school learning specialist, and at York Preparatory School, she worked as a middle and upper school learning specialist in the school’s Jump Start program. Most recently, she worked as an upper school learning specialist at Ramaz.

Ruchi is a graduate of Cornell University and Teacher’s College Columbia University, where she received a second Master’s degree in Teaching Students with Disabilities. Overall, Ruchi uses the tenets of Positive Psychology to help her students use their strengths to work on their weaknesses. Ruchi specializes and enjoys working with adolescents and young adults and is skilled to work specifically with students with learning challenges or weaknesses as well as those without.

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