I attended a retreat where Ruchi was coaching at. It was a Mindfulness camp aimed at teaching teenagers about Mindfulness and mental health. At that time, I was learning about Mindfulness and meditation myself, and Ruchi was a great mentor and coach, helping me with my meditation practice.

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Bogdan Buduroiu

Ruchi demonstrated strong leadership and interpersonal skills and I can state with confidence that is very reliable, resourceful, empathic, patient and able to managae a variety of tasks competently.

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Sarakk Rith
Director at PEPY Empowering Youth

Ruchi coordinated our implementation team and has proved extremely responsible and reliable, trustworthy and loyal to the principles she believes in. She is a dedicated, creative and mindful person.

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Dan and Simona Baciu
Founders of Transylvania College

After a long day of work, I really looked forward to taking Ruchi Kumar's yoga class. Her peaceful energy, clear instructions and endless patience created an atmosphere of challenge and acceptance. I always felt that I was learning and growing within my own personal limits. After class, I felt focused, relaxed and refreshed. Ruchi is a wonderful teacher!

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Susan Litwack
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